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Options in Breast Enlargement

In a hurry to enlarge your breast
Top Breast Enlarger Pills
Breast Enlarger Comparisons Table


For women who are not satisfied with their breast size or shape, there are a number of options they can consider.

They vary with the length of time involved for treatment, the cost, level of pain or discomfort, the length of time in between treatments, and more.

For women who'd rather avoid making a decision but still want results, there are always fancy padded bras. Read on for details.

Breast enlargement surgery

Breast enlargement, or augmentation, is fairly common these days. The most common reasons for breast enlargement surgery are cosmetic, related to male-to-female gender reassignment, and/or reconstruction due to loss of breast tissue by injury or illness.

Breast enlargement surgery is expensive and painful, depending on whether the silicone or saline implant is paced under or over the chest muscle. Recovery time takes at least a week, although the discomfort may last longer. There's also the issue of breast enlargement implants having a limited product life.

Eventually, your breast implants will need to be removed or replaced. Again, this cost and health risk need to be considered.

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Pills, creams, and lotions

If the idea, expense, or discomfort of breast enlargement through surgery is off-putting, there are other options, like breast enlargement pills, creams, and lotions. Regular applications are said to improve the size and look of breasts. The result will last only as long as treatment is continued.

If you're ordering these products online, you'll need to factor in the shipping and handling charges into calculating the cost of the treatments. You'll also need to think about where you're buying the products. Will you buy them at the pharmacy or online?

You'll also need to be careful about the ingredients in the products. If the claims on the labels aren't reviewed by the FDA or other agency, you may be getting scammed.

Specialty bras

For women who'd rather skip all that, what with surgeries and regular Internet orders for pills or creams, don't forget that there are always good specialty bras that can have the same effect under clothing for far less money.

While the enhanced effect of breast enlargement is lost without clothing, for some women, these specialty bras can really be the best choice. No pain, no recovery, and they're so pretty!

Making a decision

All things being equal, you'll need to research doctors if you want to go the surgical route for breast enlargement implants, or thoroughly vet the pharmacy you'll be doing business with (especially online) and products you'll be purchasing.

Talk to people who have gone both routes and see what was the best and worst parts of their breast enlargement experience. Consider how strongly your conviction is. If it's very strong and willing to stop at nothing to get larger breasts, then perhaps surgical enhancement is the right choice.

If you're on the fence, then perhaps pills, creams or lotions would be a good choice, or just invest in a few good bras. It really comes down to your level of financial, medical, and mental comfort. Good luck!

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