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Breast Enlargement

In a hurry to enlarge your breast
Top Breast Enlarger Pills
Breast Enlarger Comparisons Table


Breast enlargement surgery is a sure fast procedure for enhancing the breast.

When a breast enlargement procedure or augmentation mammoplasty is being done, an implant is positioned beneath the breast tissue or below the chest muscle under the breast.

The implant contains a soft silicone shell which is filled with saline solution or saltwater. The implant may also have silicone gel, methylcellulose gel or hydrogel.

Saline solution is commonly used in implants for breast enlargement procedures. This is because when the implant ruptures it is safe even if the body absorbed the solution.

To perform the breast enlargement implanting, the silicone implant will be placed by creating an incision under the crease of a breast, armpit or through the lower rim of the areola. The implant will be placed inside the incision or may be positioned beneath the chest muscle or breast tissue below the breast.

Some surgeons who have done breast enlargement would prefer to place the implant below the chest muscle for they believe that this area has the lower hazard for capsular contracture or hardening of the tissues around the implant.

This option of breast enlargement procedure will not have less interference with mammography compared with an implant that is placed beneath the breast tissue. After the breast enlargement procedure of placing the implant, the surgeon will cautiously adjust the correct position and shape and the incision will then be closed with stitches.

Breast lift or mastopexy may be included also while doing the breast enlargement. Breast lift may elevate drooping or sagging breast. The nipple and areola will be elevated as well. 

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Breast enlargement and lifts are normally done as outpatient methods in a hospital.

It is not necessary for the patient to stay overnight after a breast enlargement unless there are some complications that occurred during the surgery. Usually the surgery would last 1-2 hours.

Why is breast enlargement considered by some women?

Breast enlargement is chosen by ladies who are less endowed. They wish to make their breast bigger to have a more appealing look.

Breast enlargement is an option, normally, when women have sagging breasts due to recent pregnancy or weight loss. This will help in restoring the size and shape of their breasts.

The procedure will also make the breast evenly proportioned. Most women have their right or left breast larger that the other or the other breast is higher than the other.

This procedure can help in increasing you breast size to the next bra cup sizes.

The surgery may also help in diminishing the disparities in both of your breasts regarding the size and shape. The implants will assist the breast from sagging. Women who have undergone breast implant would have another surgery for then next 10-15 years to replace the old implants inside their breasts.

There are also risks when you have breast implants.

  • It makes it hard to detect breast cancer through the mammogram 

  • Loss of sensation through the nipples and breast tissue because of nerve damage 

  • Disparities in the shape and size of breasts after the procedure

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