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Breast Enlargement Pills

In a hurry to enlarge your breast
Top Breast Enlarger Pills
Breast Enlarger Comparisons Table


Breast enlargement pills may be a good alternative that undergoing a surgery to improve the breast. There are various breast enlargement pills being advertised over the internet, TV and in the ladies’ magazines.

Most of these ads are centering on the insecurities felt by some women who are less endowed.

Other ladies concerns about their breast are when they have just given birth, removal of the implants and due to weight loss.

Women who are seeking a way to avoid having a surgery would best turn to taking breast enlargement pills, without even thinking that there is little proof to the safety use of breast enlargement pills.

Many of the websites out there that are advertising breast enlargement pills don’t usually post any list of potential hazards. Breast enlargement pills may supposedly increase the breast size for some of these supplements include herbs which have been discovered to possess estrogen effects to the body.

Oral contraceptive pills are considered to momentarily increase the breast size. Estrogen causes the fluid retention to the women’s breast making it larger. Breast enlargement pills may work although there is no proof that these are safe for use.

There are health care professionals who discourage the use of breast enlargement pills due to the insufficiency of evidence for effectiveness and long term safety concerns. It is known that breast enlargement pills may have estrogen-like results in the body, but you should know some safety grounds.

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Estrogen stimulates the development of tissues in the women’s uterus. It is also considered to encourage uterine cancer. This is the reason why oral contraceptive pills contain progesterone to oppose the estrogen’s effects to the uterus. It is not known if breast enlargement pills may cause growth of tissues in the uterine.

There are also no proofs whether breast enlargement pills may hinder fertility, menstruation and the efficiency of OCP. These are some of the herbs incorporated in breast enlargement pills:

Blessed Thistle is present in breast enlargement pills. It is known to treat indigestion and loss of appetite. Before, women use this herb to increase their milk production. Blessed Thistle should be consumed by pregnant women because it may result in birth defects and unplanned abortion.

Dong Quai is an herb from China. This is used mainly to ease menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. It can lessen menstrual cramps as well as to normalize the menstrual cycles. This herb may heighten the skins sensitivity to sun’s rays.

Fennel seed has been utilized for many years on food and medicine. This was also used to enhance the milk flow of nursing ladies, improve libido, and enhance the menstrual flow.

Even though there is an unconfirmed proof that women in concubines were fed with fenugreek seeds to enhance their breast size, there are no research substantiating that consuming fenugreek seeds would enlarge the breast. Fenugreek contains a substance called diosgenin.

This compound may be exchanged into estrogen or progesterone. Although this conversion doesn’t happen inside the body. People who have allergies with nuts may be allergic also to fenugreek.

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