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Breast Enlargement Massage

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Breasts have always been an important part of the body associated with the concept of beauty since long and efforts have always been made to enlarge them.

Massaging has been an old technique adopted for the enlargement of the breasts. It was probably the first technique that women discovered and resorted for breast enlargement.

Breast massage is the safest method for breast enlargement that can be used without the apprehension of any side effects. 

Massage for breast enlargement

Breast massage for attaining breast enlargement is simple and can be done at any time, and is without any side effects. The woman herself can do it without needing any outside help and it doesn’t take much time to do it. It also doesn’t cost much.

Process of breast massage for breast enlargement

The massage for breast enlargement should be done with the help of the fingers and palm gently without applying much pressure. It has to be done from the centre of the breast i.e. the nipple and the movement should be away from it towards the periphery. The pressure should be gentle and the movement should be slow.

Then, massage in form of kneading is done one by one in each breast. The kneading and squeezing action should have a soothing effects of the breasts and care should be taken not apply heavy pressure.

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After this, by holding the breasts by both hands, twirling kind of motion is to be done in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction for ten to fifteen minutes. Finally, the palm should be rubbed down on the sides of the breast barring the nipple and areola part. This can be done for about ten minutes on each breast.

Benefits of breast enlargement massage: - The benefits of breast massage in breast enlargement are as follows:

Breast massages accentuates the blood circulation to the breast area and along with it the nutrient required for the breast are brought as well. This makes the breast firm and shapely without sagging. 

  • It helps in purging out the toxins from the body via the lymphatic glands. 

  • It activates the glandular system, which helps in making the breast firmer. 

  • It decreases the menstrual cramps and postmenopausal symptoms. 

Breast massage cream - Different breast massage creams and lotions are available that can be used to have a better effect for breast enlargement. The breast enlargement creams consists of phyto-nutrients, which are same as those are orally taken for breast enlargement.

They are applied while massaging to transdermally trigger the growth of the tissues. The creams used in conjunction with the massage are beneficial for breast enlargement.

Breast massage doesn’t have any side effects as in this case no external ingredient gets into the body directly which all other techniques of breast enlargement doesn’t have.

Women who have undergone breast surgery should also go for breast massage for breast enlargement due to the fact that it facilitates the regeneration of the tissue on the breasts and stimulates the healing process.

The scarred tissue are also rejuvenated which leads to breast enlargement. This is the reason why massage of the breast as post-surgery therapy is recommended.

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